Scott's professional mission has been to foster caring relationships among kids, their peers, and the adults with whom they interact. He has developed and implemented comprehensive social-emotional learning (SEL) programs in each of the school districts he has led and has provided professional development and consult for organizations, including schools and colleges/universities throughout the country.

In addition to being recognized as a national leader in the area of social-emotional learning, Scott has extensive experience crafting, implementing, and reinforcing well recognized gender-expansive support policies to protect students’ rights.

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Consulting Topics of Focus

superintendent scott taylor “Beyond the Bathroom Debate- An Expansive Trans Student Rights Policy”

“Gender Identification Protection Policy: About More Than Just Bathrooms”

“Creating a Socially and Emotionally Rich Middle and High School Classroom: Tools of the Trade for Teachers to use Right Away”

“Building Your District’s Leadership Capacity: Managers to Instructional Leaders”

“Teacher Practice Evaluation: The Administrator’s Role as Educational Leader”

“Using a Distributive Leadership Model to Guide a District Professional Learning Community Program by Incorporating the Three Pillars of Success”

“Using the Power of Relationship Building to Foster Teacher Leadership”

Go-To Support Resources

One of the most widely viewed TED Talks is Sir Ken Robinson's argument for creativity in our schools. Robinson's lecture is a conversation-starter for any any discussion about social-emotional wellness and the promotion of student-school connectedness.superintendent scott taylor Click to watch.

I show this movie to all of the educators in the room on the first day back to school- "Make a Difference Movie" (click).

Self-care is an important component of an educator's effectivness. "Gratitude" is a beautifully photographed and narrated reminder I share with my colleagues annually. Click to watch.

Implicit bias impacts relationships. Project Implicit is a collaborative effort between Harvard University and Teaching Tolerance. I've administered the online assessment to faculty to start discussions about microagression and other ways bias can lead to harmful interactions with kids. Click to be directed to the online tool.

An inspiring educator who reminds us that student-teacher relationships are the end-all, be-all to successful learning growth- Rita Pierson is a gem! Click to be directed to the TED Talk.