Dr. Scott Taylor

School Superintendent and Adjunct Professor

Dan Simon Principal of Colts Neck High School

Scott has always maintained an incredible work ethic, balancing high expectations for students with modeling how each student should be valued and nurtured for who they are. He's been one of my most valued colleagues. I realize how much I miss working with him. He's truly one of the good guys in education.

Maye Armstrong Rutgers Graduate Student

I just want you to know that you are one of the best professors that I have ever had the privilege of studying and learning under. The skills and knowledge that I gained from you will last a lifetime. As I look forward to taking the next move into the educational enviornment as a supervisor of education, I take with me all that I have learned from you.

Noemi Rodriguez Supervisor, Pascack Valley Regional

Dr. Taylor’s leadership qualities and philosophies were contagious. I believe that Dr. Taylor has the inspiring ability to impact teachers and administrators, just as he has with me.

Mandy Galante Board of Education in Little Silver

Scott easily established a positive, collegial relationship with administrators, with teachers and with parent leaders. He has a patient, good-humored rapport with students across all grades. When our district suffered the loss of our long-time middle school principal, Scott was the one trusted to guide the school during the period of crisis and mourning.