Dr. Scott Taylor- Press

Television and Radio

New Jersey Spotlight (click)- Union School District's summer programs are featured, and Scott explains how students are being supported after the pandemic.

Local channel Union TV 34 (click)- Scott describes the state of the school district after his first six months.

Local channel Union TV 34 (click)- Scott introduces himself to the Township of Union community as its new superintendent.

News 12 New Jersey (click)- Scott talks about what he believes educational leaders want the CDC to include in its new guidelines for opening schools during the pandemic.

NJTV (click)- Senior correspondent Brenda Flanagan asks Scott how he makes decisions about returning to in-person in the era of COVID-19.

WPIX Channel 11 News (click)- Scott is interviewed about Highland Park's pioneering LGBTQ-inclusive curricula work.

WCBS News (click)- Scott is interviewed about Highland Park's pioneering LGBTQ-inclusive curricula work.

Rutgers University Spotlight on Alumni (click)- Scott discusses his work on promoting educational equity and the partnership with Rutgers University to make it happen.

News 12 New Jersey (click)- Scott discusses the importance of improving kids' mental health in light of recent school shootings.

News 12 New Jersey (click)- Snow closings aren't easy! Scott shares the plight of the superintendent in the age of global warming.

Rutgers University Community School Partnership (click)- Highland Park Schools and the Rutgers University unique partnership is featured in this video.

Highland Park Television (click)- Scott discusses the way the school district is promoting educational equity in this local television program.

NJTV (click)- The Highland Park School District's groundbreaking gender identity protection policy is featured in this news broadcast.

Neighborhood Journal (click)- Scott talks about the nationally recognized Academy of Allied Health and Science in this special report.

NPR's The Takeaway (click)- National Public Radio interviews Scott about leading the first school district in the country (Kenilworth Public Schools) to use the mobile application "StopIt."

DisruptED TV (click)- Panel discussion of education and security professionals Scott joined during which he discussed the importance of students' feeling of connectedness to their school.

Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools (click)- Overview of the international certification program co-created by Scott, Maurice Elias, and others.

Rutgers Graduate School of Education- Celebrating 95 Years of Advancing Excellence & Equity (click)- Scott talks about his experience as a graduate and teacher at the Rutgers school of education.

Print Media

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott talks about going back to school in 2022-2023.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Summer programs in Union are highlighted.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott points out how Union recruited coveted high school math teachers.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott explains how students are quarantined and expresses concerns about "test-to-stay."

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott files an appeal for emergent relief with the NJSIAA so Union Football can remain in the playoffs.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott explains his decision to withdraw from the playoffs because of COVID-19 cases.

TAPintoUnion (click)- The Taylor family's seeing-eye puppy-in-training visits Union's elementary schools.

My Central Jersey (click)- Scott's leave from Highland Park is announced.

TAPInto Union (click)- Scott is introduced to the Township of Union School District community.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott talks about expanding school enrollment thanks to three-foot distancing protocols.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott's plans to help students after the pandemic are described.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott describes a vision for summer school during the pandemic.

Home News (click)- Scott's video presentation to Highland Park about delaying return to in-school instruction and learning is highlighted.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Scott shares the district's plan to provide high quality remote learning.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Talking about school reentry 2020-2021.

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Expressing concerns about live graduation ceremonies

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Governor's announcement to keep schools closed during the COVID-19 crisis

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Spring break during the COVID-19 crisis

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Discussing the impact COVID-19 had on school districts

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Commenting on NJDOE LGBTQ curriculum mandate

My Central Jersey (click)- Commenting on NJDOE Report Card rankings

NJEA Review (click)- Implementing restorative practices

My Central Jersey- The Home News (click)- Announcement of recognition as Middlesex County Superintendent of the Year 2018

My Central Jersey- The Home News (click)- Central Jersey Students Participate in National School Walkout

District Administration Magazine (click)- How administrators can sift through the noise to find their voice on Twitter and refine their personal learning network

Scholastic Administrator Magazine (click)- What are Your Favorites?

NJ.Com/Star Ledger (click)- Highland Park Passes School Transgender Rights Policy

Jewish Link- (click)- Highland Park Board of Education Meets With Orthodox Leaders

Asbury Park Press (click)- School Scene

The New Republic (click)- Can This Smartphone App Stop Cyberbullying?